Australian International Animation Festival 2012 (Wagga Wagga 18-20 May)

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Friday 18 May
Doors Open!
International Program #1
Japanese Animation Scene: The CALF Collective
Saturday 19 May



Kids Screening (ages 4-7)
Animation 101: Malcolm Turner presents!
Animation 102: Julia Bourke - Glossy, The Epic
Australian Showcase & Meet the Filmmakers
International Program #2
Late Night Bizarre
Sunday 20 May




Kids Screening (ages 4-7) (repeat)
Animation 103: AIAF11 -
The Ones That Got Away

Animation 104: Lissa Pascale & Jason Gelnfield - CG Design Sense
International Program #3
Japanese Animation Scene: Tokyo University Of The Arts

Admission is restricted to 15+
except for Late Night Bizarre (18+)

& Kids program (all ages)

IMPORTANT: Film classification regulations in Australia require all films
to either be formally classified OR restricted to an audience of either
15 years or 18 years of age and over, depending on the content of the
program. Most festivals do not have the resources to formally classify their programs and it is for this reason alone that AIAF has a range of age restrictions.

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It doesn't get any better than this!!

Full Festival Pass holders (a mere $40 folks!) will be in the running to win extremely generous door-prizes including:

· Adobe CS6 Production Premium (worth $3,175)

· Wacom Intuos 5 Pen & Touch graphic tablet (worth $400)

· Madman Entertainment exclusive 10-pack animation (worth $400+)

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Animation 101:
Malcolm Turner presents!...
Sat 19 May, 3:00pm

AIAF Co-Director, Malcolm Turner, brings home a box of animated treasures from his last twelve months of travel. This year he spent some time hanging out with Klasky Csupo founders in LA, found an archive of early British animation in a town where they still throw burning tar-pots in the main river every Guy Fawkes Day, had another close encounter with Polish animation and visited a bunch of festivals, studios and schools. He’ll pull out a few highlights from this collection and do his level best to remember his battle stories.

Animation 102
Julia Bourke – 'Glossy', An Epic
Sat 19 May, 4:30pm

Melbourne based Julia Bourke recently finished a gorgeously crafted 18 minute stop-motion film. That’s 18 minutes folks! Not surprisingly this took several years to complete and even includes some post production contributions from CSU Wagga alumni John Lewis. Julia will talk about what it takes to undergo a production of this magnitude as well as some of the challenges involved in the longer form animation she has just completed. Of course, she will also screen the film in all its gloriously glossy goodness. She may even bring along a few of the puppets and props to help tell the story.
Animation 103:
AIAF11 - The Ones That Got Away
Sun 20 May, 3:00pm

Sometimes too much just ain't enough. There were a LOT of
sensational films that didn't make it into AIAF last year and so AIAF's intrepid Co-Directors took some time out at the Melbourne festival to put together this sample of those "missed catches". Together, they will introduce their selections and talk about why some films get selected for screenings and some don't.


Animation 104
Lissa Pascale, Jason Glenfield – CG Design Sense
Sun 20 May, 4:30pm

Lissa and Jason are behind the design of “The Last Photo”, an extraordinary Australian film destined to do big things on the international festival circuit. The ‘look’ of the film - it’s design sense - is an especially important element of what makes the film stand out. They will discuss the design challenges and solutions that went into “The Last Photo” and take us through the making of their film and where that sense of design fits into their creative process.

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