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Wednesday 21 October
Festival Launch
@ The View Factory

Thursday 22 October
Digital Panorama
International Program #3
Australian Panorama
International Program #1
Friday 23 October

Australian Panorama *
International Program #1 *
2008 Highlights

International Program #2
Saturday 24 October

Kids Program
International Program #1 *
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Kids Program *
2008 Highlights *

International Program #2 *
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Late Night Bizarre

Admission is restricted to 18+

IMPORTANT: Film classification regulations in Australia require
all films to either be formally classified OR restricted to an audience of 18 years of age and over. Most festivals do not have the resources to do this and it is for this reason alone that we are not able to admit any person under the age of 18 years to the main AIAF screenings.

This Way Up
This Way Up | Smith & Foulkes | UK, 2008, 8’35 | Winner Siggraph Asia 2008, Academy Award Nominee

AIAF Co-Director, Malcolm Turner, sat on the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008
Jury which gave him the chance to sift through more than 1000 pieces of the world’s best digital animation. In a specially curated selection of works drawn directly from this experience, Turner brings us a program that showcases the best of SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 as well as some of the overlooked gems that alluded the jury consensus.



Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
Debmark, 2008, 4'30
Monsters, boredom and coffee come in many different forms. A tale of intergalactic daily routine.


still life
Maya Segal
USA, 2008, 2'45
A digital recreation and re-imagining of the form and shape of books and paper.


Juan Leon
USA, 2008, 1’00
A veritable, super detailed line-drawn visual avalanche – a cacophony of images that threaten to escape the screen frame and run wild at any moment.

  Harmonix: ‘Rockband’
Pete Candeland
UK, 2007, 1’45
Anything that’s worth doing is worth overdoing. It’s time to get this show ON the road.
  Wizard of OS: The Fish Incident
Tom Jantol
Croatia, 2008, 4’30
A sumptuously rendered armchair ride of a film which breathes life into the incomplete, abstract diary entries of an artist.
  Orangina ‘Natrually Juicy’
Fred & Farid
UK, 2007, 1’45
A slightly too sexy relationship between a bear and a deer blows out to a hyper-animated Busby Barkly influenced epic.
Johannes Schmid
Switzerland, 2008, 2'45
A stunning demonstration of animated fluid control techniques.
  Miniascape Mix
Tomonori Hayase
Japan, 2007, 4’00
A lightspeed photo collage rendition and re-engineering of a stark urban environment.
  Outer Planet
Lee Seung Wook
South Korea, 2007, 5’15
A rich and unique surface texture contributes to this remarkable visualisation of interconnected space componentry.
Taku Kimura
Japan, 2008, 9’30
Attempting to communicate with his son by donning a mask, a man slips into a truly bizarre parallel universe in which he seems to have become a mythical Japanese half-man, half-cow creature known as a Kudan.
Makoto Yabuki
Japan, 2007, 2’40
A film that pushes an animated imagination right through the speed barrier and reassembles the pieces that fly out the other side.
  Angkor Ruins - The Bayon Temple And Its Faces
Masaaki Sakata
Japan, 2007, 4’30
A 3D simulated rebuilding of a lost Asian temple.
  Fly Out Blue
Jack Shih
Taiwan, 2007, 13’00
With more than a passing nod to MC Esher, this absorbing 3D film captures the freedom of flight as seen through the eyes of a man who desperately needs an escape.
  This Way Up
Smith & Foulkes
UK, 2008, 8’35
Winner: Best Film SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Computer Animation Festival
A hilarious tale of funereal incompetence and necrophiliac disrespect for all the family.
Kudan | Taku Kimura | Japan, 2008, 9’30
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