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Wednesday 21 October
Festival Launch
@ The View Factory

Thursday 22 October
Digital Panorama
International Program #3
Australian Panorama
International Program #1
Friday 23 October

Australian Panorama *
International Program #1 *
2008 Highlights

International Program #2
Saturday 24 October

Kids Program
International Program #1 *
Australian Panorama *
Kids Program *
2008 Highlights *

International Program #2 *
Digital Panorama *
International Program #1 *
Late Night Bizarre

Admission is restricted to 18+

IMPORTANT: Film classification regulations in Australia require
all films to either be formally classified OR restricted to an audience of 18 years of age and over. Most festivals do not have the resources to do this and it is for this reason alone that we are not able to admit any person under the age of 18 years to the main AIAF screenings.

A very special program of films selected to spark the imaginations
of our littlest, most special audience. Heaps better than Saturday
morning TV and not a toy ad in sight!


The 7 Days Of The WEEk
Sean McBride, David Cowles
USA, 2008, 2'00
Work is a really great thing – especially if you can avoid it! And extraspecially if what you really want to do it play the trumpet every day.

Lara Gardarsdottir, Karen Rohde Johansson, Michael Hall Mauritzen
Denmark, 2008, 2'55
It’s GREAT being a kid! The world is full of the most fantabulous possibilities. I can be anything I want when I grow up.

The Crumblegiant
John McCloskey
Ireland, 2008, 5’00
Some pure Irish magic to open the program. The gentle Crumblegiant has always helped Emily shoosh away the crows but one day he is nowhere to be found.

Miriam's Colours
Jelena Girlin, Mari-Liis Bassovskaja
Estonia, 2008, 5'00
What do you do when your whole world suddenly turns black and white? You send out your chicken with a bucket to scrape the colours off the rainbow, that’s what.
SUSIE ASADO: Hello Antenna
Veronika Samartseva, Anna Samoylovich
France, 2008,4'40
A little girl finds herself a special spot perched on an antenna, looking down over the roof tops and sharing the sky with birds and the odd stray paper aeroplane.
Tatiana Kurnaeva
Russia, 2008, 6'50
A boring cello lesson quickly turns into a dancing, soaring insect cavalcade with the addition of just a little inspiration from a ladybug with a violin.
Roberto The Insect Architect
Nina Laden
USA, 2007, 11’00
Every young termite loves wood – but Roberto doesn’t want to eat it….. no no no! Roberto dreams of becoming the world’s greatest architect. A gorgeously crafted film about dreaming the impossible dream.
Carrot On The Beach
Partel Tall
Estonia, 2008, 6’00
A snowman who dreams of being able to relax on a hot, sandy beach has to first avoid the bunny with the snow machine. Maybe these two can help each other out.
Lost And Found
Phil Hunt
UK, 2009, 25'00
A wondrous, epic journey that proves there’s pretty much nothing a boy and a penguin can’t do when they really, really put their mind to it.
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