Friday 16 May


High School / Teen Program
Open Doors
Official Opening Speech
& Surprise Screening
International Program #1
International Puppet
Animation Panorama

Launch Party
Saturday 17 May


Kids Program
Animation 101 Seminar:
International Animation

Animation 102 Seminar:
The Australian Scene &
Australian Panorama Intro

Australian Panorama
International Program #2
Late Night Bizarre
Sunday 18 May


Animation 103 Seminar:
Voice Wrangling

Animation 104 Seminar:
D.I.Y. Art + D.I.Y. Funding 2.0

International Program #3
Digital Panorama
After Party

Admission is restricted to 18+
(except for Kids & Teen programs)

IMPORTANT: Film classification regulations in Australia require
all films to either be formally classified OR restricted to an audience of 18 years of age and over. Most festivals do not have the resources to do this and it is for this reason alone that we are not able to admit any person under the age of 18 years to the main AIAF screenings.

The backbone of the annual AIAF mission! Almost every one of these films is an Australian premiere. We received more than 2000 entries from every corner of the world and this collection of the best of them is your up to date snapshot of the international animation scene.

A. Isnard, M. Javelle, C. Picon
France, 2007, 5'30
A happy lab where the animals feed themselves into blenders, chop bits off and generally go about their loony experiments. The only unhappy one seems to be the monkey in charge.

Sally Arthur

UK, 2007, 3'15
A film as densely layered and with as many twists & turns as the labyrinth streets of London. The story of the woman who first created the A-Z directory map of London.
Hermann Karlsson
Iceland, 2006, 1'15
Man’s best friend deserves the right send-off when it’s his time to go chase sticks in the sky.
A Painful Glimpse Into My Writing Process
Chel White
USA, 2006, 1'30
Somebody once said that writing was easy – one simply had to sit down and open up a vein. Or drive at crazy speed toward a cliff in a last ditch attempt to force the brain to come up with a good idea.
A Vegetated Director
Priit Tender
Estonia, 2007, 2'30
A superbly nutty film for everybody who ever thought their boss was no smarter than a pot plant. This guy actually is!
Herr Bar
Clemens Kogler

Austria, 2007, 3'15
A kind of digital Pythonesque landscape made up – and populated – entirely by hundreds upon hundreds of hands.
Sandra Ensby
UK, 2007, 4'00
A couple have a rubbish argument
Bald Dad
Kristian Andrews
UK, 2007, 4'30
Love is blind, so the saying goes. And perhaps no love is blinder than a small boy who simply looks up to his Dad.
Alenda, Christophe

France, 2007, 4'00
A fantasising executioner dreams of taking his skill with the guillotine to an adoring mainstream – and interactive – audience.
Maarten Vranken
Belgium, 2006, 4'00
Pure fun! A glorious swirling maelstrom of puzzle pieces.
L'homme A La Tete De Poule
S. Jorget, A. Morales, R. Morales Axel

France, 2007, 5’30
It’s gotta be hard to play the sax with a chicken’s head. And what will the audience make of it?
Tatu Pohjavirta
Finland, 2007, 28'00
Where to begin??? A woman doctor mixes up a small boy and a sheep during the chaos of a car accident. Clandestine midnight surgery only makes things worse (a lot worse!) Then there’s the wolf blanket…. that can’t be good! And how do you squeeze a lamb into a little jumper? And how do you teach a sheep to fly a kite? Maybe it’s just better to stick to the surface and make everybody wear fleeces and fake body suits. Or maybe not.
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