Friday 16 May


High School / Teen Program
Open Doors
Official Opening Speech
& Surprise Screening
International Program #1
International Puppet
Animation Panorama

Launch Party
Saturday 17 May


Kids Program
Animation 101 Seminar:
International Animation

Animation 102 Seminar:
The Australian Scene &
Australian Panorama Intro

Australian Panorama
International Program #2
Late Night Bizarre
Sunday 18 May


Animation 103 Seminar:
Voice Wrangling

Animation 104 Seminar:
D.I.Y. Art + D.I.Y. Funding 2.0

International Program #3
Digital Panorama
After Party

Admission is restricted to 18+
(except for Kids & Teen programs)

IMPORTANT: Film classification regulations in Australia require
all films to either be formally classified OR restricted to an audience of 18 years of age and over. Most festivals do not have the resources to do this and it is for this reason alone that we are not able to admit any person under the age of 18 years to the main AIAF screenings.

These ain’t kids films – it’s a collection of the best films taken right out of the main international programs of the festival.

Johnny Kelly
UK, 2007, 4'15
A hundred things to do when you don’t want to do anything.

F.X. Bologna, T. Bondoux, L. Charmette, V. Le Ster
France, 2007, 5'30
Two grumpy old dudes hit the corridors for a high speed, take no prisoners wheel chair race.

The Shoes
Wenchunng Lu

USA, 2006, 3'00
Sure… having the ultimate shows would be pretty cool but you can run the race without them.

Killing The Fittest
Santosh Kale
India, 2007, 3'30
A whole club of bug DJs make it happen.
A. Isnard, M. Javelle, C. Picon

France, 2007, 5'30
A lab full of deluded animals run by a monkey.
Herr Bar
Clemens Kogler

Austria, 2007, 3'15
A crazy place made entirely of zillions of hands – just hands, nothing else.
Bald Dad
Kristian Andrews
UK, 2007, 4'30
A pretty serious film about not the best Dad in the world.
Onion Skin
Paul Jadoul

Belgium, 2007, 4'00
Lots of layers, lots of ways to move, lot so f different ways to see the world.
The Accident
Sarah Nesteruk

UK, 2007, 3'00
Some people struggle to get it together, some people just have bad luck.
Pork Cutlet
Do-Young Kim
Korea, 2007, 3'00
If you’re this tasty, you’d better be able to move really fast!
Global Warming
Sheldon Lieberman, Igor Coric
Australia, 2007, 2'00
Not everybody believes in global warming – but this guy has turned it into a song.
Derriere La Porte
H. Canac, G. Brinkhuizen
France, 2007, 4'30
Stunningly designed. A young woman walks through a cityscape as it disintegrates around her.
Camera Obscura
M. Buchalski, J.M. Drechsler, T. Onillon
France, 2007, 7'15
A brilliantly animated combination of live action and digital animation – a guy with a projector attached to his head imagines a small army of characters into life.
Peter Kisantal

Slovakia, 2007, 6'00
A weird collection of ribbon bugs crawl out of the underground and start taking over the streets.
Jean- Julien Pous, Pierre Prinzbach
France, 2007, 6'00
The shortest distance between two points is always a straight line. Everybody knows that – that’s why everybody is running that same ol’ straight line.
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